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Making the best memories in Tallinn

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Any weather

Skywheel of Tallinn offers stunning views in any weather and every weather - enjoy the panoramic view of Tallinn in the sun, in the rain and in the snow

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Birds-eye view of Tallinn

Unique in Europe, the observation wheel will take you 120 metres above sea level, opening up a view of Tallinn’s classic skyline at a completely new angle.

We guarantee that every ride you book with us

will be unique and unforgettable.

The 27 weatherproof gondolas provide safe and comfortable rides throughout the year.

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Group visits

Planning a trip or a visit to the Skywheel of Tallinn with a larger group of friends or colleagues? Book for a group on the website to enjoy the views of Tallinn at a reduced price.



This exclusive experience is available in the private gondola, for up to 4 guests, including a champagne cooler with a cold bottle of the world-famous G.H. Mumm champagne

Corporate events

The sky is the limit! Organise a small celebration or a spectacular reception - our waiting pavilion, champagne bar and terrace are ready to accommodate up to 200 people.